Patrician Brothers' College Fairfield
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268 The Horsley Drive
Fairfield NSW 2165

Phone: 02 9728 4488
Fax: 02 9727 7651

College Motto

‘Maria Duce’

Patrician Brothers’ College, Fairfield is a caring community with a family-like spirit in which the love of God and devotion to Mary will help to develop students who believe in and live the values of Christ.
The College colours, the ‘Blue and Blue’, link us to Mary, the Patroness of the Parish and of Australia, to the environment in which the College is placed. The Latin motto Maria Duce, means “Let Mary Lead” or “Mary is the Way”. It points the College community to the need to keep its eyes on one closely tied to Jesus Christ, who gives the way to success in life and the hereafter.