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Patron Saint


Who is St Patrick, who inspired Bishop Delany, the Patrician Brothers’ founder and the founding generations of Brothers?

Patrick was born in Britain to a relatively wealthy family. He was not religious as a youth and, in fact, claims to have practically renounced the faith of his family. While in his teens, Patrick was kidnapped in a raid and transported to Ireland, where he was enslaved to a local warlord and worked as a shepherd until he escaped six years later.

He returned home and eventually undertook studies for the priesthood with the intention of returning to Ireland as a missionary to his former captors. It is not clear when he actually made it back to Ireland. By this time, also, he had clearly made a permanent commitment to Ireland and intended to die there.

St Patrick didn’t chase the snakes out of Ireland, and he may have never plucked a shamrock to teach the mystery of the Trinity, yet St. Patrick well deserves to be honored. He really is one of the great saints of the downtrodden and excluded – people that no one else wanted anything to do with. In fact his success in Ireland could not have been more permanent. Not only had he accomplished what he set out to do – convert the nation to Christianity – but in the process he retrieved from obscurity the primary objective set by Christ for his apostles: spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

In the spirit of our Patron, St Patrick, and in the tradition of the Patrician Brothers we will continue to show a preference for those who are in greatest need and we discriminate positively in favor of those who are marginalized.