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Religious Dimension

Catholic Schools have a unique role in the evangelising and educating mission of the Church. The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools sets out the purpose and mission of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney. In responding to the Charter, the College engages in processes to reflect on and revitalise its mission and strengthen the religious life of members of the College community.
The College follows the Archdiocesan Religious Education Curriculum. At Patrician Brothers Fairfield we have implemented a topic specific Project Based Learning Pedagogy over the last two years. In 2017 Year 7 Religious Education will fully integrate PBL.
Several alternative teaching strategies have been implemented in the Stage 6 Studies of Religion Course with the aim of being the best in the State. The implementation of a collaborative teaching model in Studies of Religion 1 & 2 Units in 2016, will continue in the 1 Unit Course in 2017.

Personal and communal spirituality is enhanced by the prayer life at the College. Prayer and Eucharistic celebration is a central focus of College life (such as, Monday lunch time prayer and Wednesday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament). College Reflection Days occur in each Year Group and Year 11 experience a three-day residential retreat. Mass is held every First Friday of the Month. Major liturgical celebrations are conducted on Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday. Every lunchtime during Holy Week, students lead Stations of the Cross. Each Term Parish Priests conduct the Second Rite of Reconciliation. In May and October the Rosary is recited in the College Chapel. Staff and students receive daily devotional reflections from God Calling and Junior Catholic Studies classes attend the local Our Lady of the Rosary Parish 9.00am Mass at least once a term.

Supported by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, fifteen senior students trained as student catechists. Ten students undertook Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Parent involvement is incorporated within the celebration of Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Masses, Prefect Investiture and SRC Induction.

The College’s Social Justice group (‘The Breastplates’) organises, with the support of the College Youth Minister, a number of outreach programmes.

Nine students and four staff attended World Youth Day 2016 in Poland. Father Robert Galea has been booked as a key evangelising activity for 2017 and will perform at the College on 16th June . The College is planning on sending all Year 9 Students to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney.

The College, in conjunction with Mary MacKillop Catholic College Wakeley, continues to conduct the ‘Hosanna’ programme on Passion Sunday at one of our supporting Parishes.

A planning meeting is held at the start of each year with the Parish Priests and each Student Cohort has been allocated a Chaplain. Opportunities for class Masses and visitations are organised. Parish activities are published in the College newsletter.


Patrician Brothers’ prides itself on providing a holistic education where each individual is recognised and celebrated. Our aims are to promote the development of the whole child in a positive learning environment where each individual feels empowered to thrive and prosper. We want our pupils to be confident, articulate and compassionate young men ready to take their place in society and contribute positively to the community in which they live. At Patrician Brothers’ College, Fairfield we firmly believe that the little things matter. Manners, uniform, attendance and punctuality may seem old fashioned and out of date to some but we believe that by getting these things right every single day a community is built where the individual and learning are valued. Boys learn best in a structured environment and our Wellbeing Coordinators work closely with their Homeroom teams to maintain a disciplined and ordered environment that is built on respect and understanding.

Our Wellbeing programs are based on the principles of Positive Education and our strong Patrician values. We recognise each boy’s strengths and assist them to build resilience and self-efficacy. In doing so we develop their understanding that they will experience disappointments and setbacks but provide them with the tools and knowledge to overcome these moments and move forward in a positive manner.
We recognise the role of the parents and carers as the primary educator and of the importance of fostering strong communication links with home and keeping parents informed about their son’s progress and achievements.

Positive Education

Positive Education is a whole College community initiative that promotes positive relationships, emotion, health, engagement, accomplishment and purpose. Positive Education brings together the science of Positive Psychology with best practice teaching to encourage and support individuals, schools and communities to flourish. Flourishing can simply be viewed as a combination of ‘feeling good and doing good’.
By developing students’ character strengths, resilience and optimism they will be better able to overcome life’s challenges and setbacks and as a result their wellbeing will be improved. Rather than merely surviving at school they will feel empowered to strive, thrive and flourish.
At the commencement of 2017 we restructured our College day and implemented Positive Education lessons into the timetable for all year groups. We are committed to further developing our Positive Education programs and improving the Wellbeing of all the young men in our care.

House system

Upon enrolment at the College all boys are placed into one of our six houses: Gilroy, Therry, Freeman, Polding, MacKillop, Dixon. Our boys are fiercely proud of their Houses and represent with pride at numerous sporting and academic competitions throughout the year. Each pupil is part of a Homeroom group that meets with his respective teacher/mentor four times a week. It is through these meetings that relationships are strengthened and pupils work on our specialised Positive Education programs. Our House and Homeroom structure fosters a strong sense of community and all boys quickly develop feelings of belonging and connectedness. It is through these connections and collaboration with other pupils that confidence and self-esteem are promoted and our values of respect, responsibility and learning are further developed.

Anti-Bullying Policy

The College has a strong anti-bullying policy. As part of this policy, students are able to report any instances of bullying in a confidential way through our "Report a Bully" button. This information goes directly to Wellbeing Coordinators to be dealt with swiftly.


2017 Academic Highlights

Our 2017 HSC and NAPLAN results demonstrated outstanding growth once again for the students of Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield. We congratulate our young men in Years 12 and 9 on their performance in these external assessments.

The Year 12 class of 2017 performed incredibly well across a wide range of subjects. At a glance our students:

  • completed 789 HSC exams in total
  • sat examinations in 32 different subject areas
  • achieved 237 Band 5s and 6s - the top 2 bands of achievement
  • another 11 students achieved an E4 (equivalent to a Band 6) in extension subjects

A total of 33 students were listed on the HSC Distinguished Achievers List. To be included on this list a student must achieve a result of 90 or above in a specific HSC examination.

Our students are also to be congratulated for their Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATARs). The ATAR is a number between 0.00 and 99.95 and indicates a student's position relative to other students.

This year we had a total of 9 students receive an ATAR above 90. The young men below are to be congratulated on their efforts and commended for their continued commitment to their studies over the last two years.

Danny Tran


Austin Le


Fadi Khousho


Macquarie University - Bachelor of Arts/ Law

Christian Duong


University of NSW - Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Matthew Hanna


Macquarie University - Bachelor of Actuarial Studies

Adam Scicluna


UTS - Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics

Luke Filippone


University of Sydney - Bachelor of Commerce

Jackie Guo


Timothy Nguyen


University of NSW - Bachelor of Vision Science/Clinical Optometry

Our 2017 Dux is College Captain, Thomas Le who achieved an outstanding ATAR of 98.40

Thomas intends taking up a degree in Commerce/Law at the University of Sydney.


Our Year 9 and 7 students performed incredibly well in NAPLAN. A total of 192 Year 9 students sat NAPLAN assessments and over half of all boys achieved a Band 8, or higher. As a community we were able to show great growth in the areas of Writing, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation with continued growth in Numeracy. Our students performed above state average in the areas of Grammar & Punctuation and Numeracy.

Regardless of the Bands or ATARs achieved and the performance in HSC examinations or NAPLAN assessments, many of our boys achieved their personal bests. A large number of our HSC students have already started their future careers with full-time employment, traineeships or apprenticeships.

We are incredibly proud of them all and wish them all the best for what we are certain will be bright futures!


The great name of Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield was built on the performances of teams on field. Today, that tradition continues with the fine performances from both our teams and our individual athletes.

Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield is a founding member of the Metropolitan Catholic Schools Sports Association (MCS) which is one of the strongest Catholic Boys sporting competitions within Australia. As a member of the MCS association, the boys have direct access to 14 sports of either an individual or team nature for which they can represent the College.

These sports are:

  • Athletics
  • Rugby League
  • AFL
  • Rugby Union 15’s & 7’s
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Touch Football

Students at the College can also trial to make the MCS Association Representative teams in many of these sports.
We are also involved in many external sporting competitions that the boys have access to. Below is a small sample.

  • Rugby League
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • GIO Cup
  • Bill Turner Cup
  • Downie Trophy
  • NSWCCC State Championships
  • CCC Cup
  • CCC Knockout
  • Berg Shield
  • Kings Sydney Shootout
  • Parramatta Knockout
  • Futsal Schools Championships
  • All Schools Knockout

Sporting opportunities do not just end within the MCS Association. We are also aligned with the complete Representative Sporting Pathway for our students. They have access to trial for the numerous NSW Combined Catholic College (NSWCCC) sports which then takes them through to NSW All Schools and Australian Schoolboy levels. Sport does not simply stop at the College, there are endless opportunities and pathways for the boys to follow in achieving their sporting dreams.

Many great names have graced the sporting fields for the College. With names such as Michael Wenden (Olympic Swimming Gold Medallist); Peter Sterling, Greg Alexander, Paul Langmack (Rugby League Internationals); Socceroos such as Peter Sharne, Paul Okon (Captain) and Nic Carle from earlier times, to those students who have made a name for themselves in modern days the list and history continues. The College is also fortunate to have staff who are coaches within MCS, NSWCCC, NSW All Schools and Australian Schoolboys Representative teams.

We currently have students who have represented at NSWCCC and NSW All Schools levels in Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country, Rugby League, Soccer, Swimming and Touch Football and in Fencing we have State and Australian Schools Championships Medallists.

Sport is alive and well within the College and we live by the mantra that “Too much sport is barely enough.”

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